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September, 2019
Guadalupe Garcia-Gomar’s abstract entitled “Structural connectome of brainstem nuclei in REM sleep behavior disorder, a model of premanifest synucleinopathy” is selected for a Guided Poster Tour at the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society meeting (Nice, France). Congratulations, Guadalupe!

July, 2019
Marta Bianciardi attends to the first Gordon Research Conference on “Tissue Microstructure Imaging” (South Hadley, MA). What a great meeting, thank you Greg Stanisz and Dmitry Novikov for organizing it!

May, 2019
Kavita Singh’s ISMRM abstract “Probabilistic structural atlas of human lateral parabrachial nucleus, medial parabrachial nucleus and vestibular nuclei complex using in vivo 7 Tesla MRI” is selected as best abstract award finalist at the ISMRM Ultra-high Field Study Group meeting (Montreal, Canada). Congratulations Kavita!

May, 2019
Marta Bianciardi moderates the Historical Campfire about “Pioneers of fMRI” at ISMRM meeting 2019 (Montreal, Canada). Special thanks to the speakers (Drs. Ken Kwong, Peter Bandettini and Kamil Ugurbil) for telling their stories behind the first fMRI experiments; the ISMRM Ad Hoc Committee on Historical Archives for this opportunity; as well as Guadalupe Garcia-Gomar, Kavita Singh, Jason Stockmann, and Merlin Fair for their support! Read more in the Martinos Center News!

April, 2019
If during the same day a workstation breaks down and a grant is awarded, it is time to kill the pain and celebrate with a trip to Blue Hills Reservation (MA)… 

May, 2018
We welcome Kavita Singh (post-doctoral fellow) and Gabriela Castillo Lopez (visiting Master’s student) at the Brainstem Imaging Lab with a trip at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

April, 2018
Marta Bianciardi presents her team’s brainstem imaging work at the International School on Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function (ISMRBF), XIII Workshop. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student who would like to learn about MRI/fMRI and its applications, as well as have 4-hour a day networking opportunities, this is the workshop for you! The workshop and the accommodations take place in old monasteries in Erice (Sicily, Italy). Erice is an ancient mountain village founded by the Trojans more than 3000 years ago!
Information about the workshop can be found here. Programs and pictures of past editions can be viewed here.

December, 2017
Maria Guadalupe Garcia Gomar joins the lab as a post-doctoral fellow!

November, 2017
Marta Bianciardi is invited to the annual Eleanor and Miles Shore Scholars in Medicine Celebration during which the Dean, Professor George Q. Daley, honors each fellowship recipient of the Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Fellowship Program for Scholars in Medicine and of the MGH Claflin Distinguished Scholar Award.

June, 2017
Marta Bianciardi receives the Massachusetts General Hospital Claflin Distinguished Scholar award from Nancy Rigotti, Director of MGH Office of Women’s Careers. This award is given to six MGH women scientists, juggling child rearing and research, to facilitate their academic career. Read more in the MGH news.
Information about the award can be found here.
A complete list of past recipients can be found here.

November, 2016
Marta Bianciardi is promoted to Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. She attends to the celebration of new Assistant and Associate Professors at Harvard Medical School (May, 2017).